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A search for Web service tutorial in Java

Posted by | Posted in WebSphere | Posted on 10-12-2007

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I was in bench for the last few days. Last day when I had a chat with my manager he said that my new project will be in WPS (WebSphere Process Server). I am totally new to WebSphere process server (even I haven’t seen that interface), so I though of learning some WebSphere Process Server stuff. I am not sure from where I came to a conclusion that WebSphere Process Server is something related to web services, anyway it happened. So I though it will be a great idea to learn Web Services tutorial first, before actually jumping into WebSphere Process Server.

As usual I opened my web browser (For most of the time I use Firefox and for serious browsing I use Internet Explorer as I think Internet Explorer is more secure ), and typed “Java web service tutorial”. Great!. more than millions of results came up and as expected the first result was a link to java.sun.com. I became so happy as I am a big fan of Sun Java tutorials. In fact I learned Java by reading the tutorials from Sun only. So I thought this would be great start again.

After the page got opened up, I just started going through the table of contents. In fact I did not want to read the complete tutorial as I was so lazy and I just wanted a Hello World tutorial to start with. I belive all our learning starts with Hello World and that should be the first program every developer should try :-) . But amazingly I did not find a Hello World web service tutorial there. I could see everything except web service in Sun’s web service tutorial. They are talking about JAXB, STAX, ABCD, XYZ etc. But no web service. Amazingly I couldn’t find any Hello World tutorial in most of the web service tutorial links I got from google search.

Did I miss something? or there is no Hello World web service tutorial or what? Its very unfortunate that there is no hello world web service tutorial on net. After reading this you may ask why you are not writing a hello world tutorial on web service? The answer is very simple, still I am in search for a Hello World tutorial. Let me write a Hello World web service, after that I will write the tutorial.


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