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WebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise 6.0 installation – Part 2

Posted by | Posted in WebSphere Commerce | Posted on 05-08-2008

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WebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise 6.0 installation – Part 1 covers the installation of RAD and WAS Fix packs. Once we have done with all that installation we are ready for our WebSphere Commerce Developer 6.0 installation. If we are planning to install IBM Sales Center as part of our development environment, we need to install IBM Sales Center before installing WCS Toolkit.

To perform the WCS installation follow the below steps. I had already installed IBM Sales Center in my machine.

1. Double click on setup.exe from WCS Toolkit CD. This will bring the installation wizard.

2. Click on Next and from the page appears accept the license.

3. Click on Next and select the installation directory. Please select a directory with no spaces and no long file paths.

4. Click on Next. This screen would ask us to select the installation components. Select the components you want to install. (Select at least the WebSphere Commerce development environment :-) ).

4. Click on Next. This page will be the installation summary page.

5. Now click on next. The installation of WCS Toolkit begins and you will be presented with a screen as shown below.

6. Once the installation is over. Click on Finish and exit the wizard.

We are done with our WCS 6 Toolkit installation. Go to Start -> Programs -> IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise 6.0 -> WebSphere Commerce development environment and start your toolkit. Publish a store and start coding.


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5 comments posted onWebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise 6.0 installation – Part 2

  1. This is very helpful short and precise, there are very less articles related to WCS 6.0 related to tools framework and customization, thanks for the post.


  2. Hi Albin:

    It is excellent!!!
    I follow step by step both articles, but I can not loguin in Accelerator.
    I can see and use the WAS console bur I can not startup the webserver.
    Any idea or tips?

  3. @Mar, Are you able to start the test server from IDE? If yes try this url, this should work. https://localhost:8000/webapp/wcs/tools/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=common.mcLogon . You do not need to start a web server separately if you are working from IDE.

  4. Pointless article. A monkey could figure out those steps without any instructions.

  5. from which bat file I an open sale center development Environment.?

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