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Business spaces in WebSphere Process Server

Posted by | Posted in Websphere Process Server / Integration Developer | Posted on 08-01-2009

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Business spaces in WebSphere Process Server.

Starting from version 6.1.2 IBM introduced a new feature in WebSphere Process Server called business spaces. A business space is a collection of content related to a business process which has the capability to act on that process. Basically it is a web based user interface for a business user to interact with a process. In business space we can have many different business space widgets for different actions like work on a task, monitor key performance indicators etc. This feature is very helpful when we have some human tasks associated with a process. Instead of writing custom client pages, business users can login to business space and start working on the task assigned to him

The business space manager can be opened using the url http://localhost:9080/BusinessSpace

Business space manager that comes with business spaces is used for managing your business space. Business space manager allows a user to create/edit/delete business space, page etc. You can open Business Space Manager by clicking on the Manage Business Spaces link which is present in the top right corner of your business space.


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2 comments posted onBusiness spaces in WebSphere Process Server

  1. With WebSphere business spaces we do not need to write a client for human tasks any more. Cool app

  2. :razz: Wow! clear information. more than IBM official website. Thanks alot!

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