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JBoss url accessible only from localhost

Posted by | Posted in JBoss | Posted on 19-02-2009

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JBoss url accessible only from localhost.

We are migrating some of our applications to JBoss from WAS. The migration went successful. The developers were accessing the page using localhost url, during the development time. Today when we tried to access the url from outside the machine using the IP address or server host name, the pages were not coming, even if we are trying to access the page from the same server. However anytime we access the page with localhost as the host name it was coming without any problems, but not for any other IP or hostname.

I did a search and a page in JBoss Wiki helped to resolve the issue. http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-10179 . For people who don’t have the patience to read the wiki page and find out how to solve it, just follow the below steps.

While starting the server pass the IP address using the -b option. For eg: if you want to access the page using IP address, start the servers using the following command.

run.bat -b

Where is your IP address or if you want it to be for all the IPs instead of one, use

run.bat -b


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2 comments posted onJBoss url accessible only from localhost

  1. How to change locahost to IP address in jboss server

  2. i ve some webpages. those are running correctly in localhost. when i change localhost to ip address its not working. page not found error occurred. how to resolve this problem. plz help me

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