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Modifying the destination of selector

Posted by | Posted in Websphere Process Server / Integration Developer | Posted on 10-05-2010

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Modifying the destination of selector

Now we know how to create and configure selector. But after deployment of selector, how do we change the destination of a selector? WebSphere Process Server provides an interface in the admin console to change or add the destination of a selector. Follow the below steps to change/add destination of a selector.

We can use process server admin console to change the selector’s destination. For e.g.: If we have a selector deployed on the server pointing to Component1 and now we want to change the destination to Component2. Follow the below steps to achieve this.

1. Logon to your admin console

2. Navigate to Servers -> Application Server – > server1 (or the name of your server).

3. Click on Selectors under Business Integration.

4. This will list all the selectors deployed on the server. Click on MySelector(or the name of your selector).

5. This will list the methods available in that selector. Click on sayHello link.

6. This will list all the targets available. Click on your target.

7. Select the new component you want from ‘Target Components’

8. Click on OK and click on Commit

The same window can be used to add a new destination too if required. Click on New and enter the start date, end date and Target component to create a new destination.


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