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WebSphere Commerce 7 Order Flow process for Elite B2B Starter Store

Posted by | Posted in WebSphere Commerce | Posted on 02-12-2010

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WebSphere Commerce 7 Order Flow process for Elite B2B Starter Store

I was doing a POC (Proof of Concept) on ATP inventory using WCS 7. One of the minimum requirements for my POC was a successful order generation and order should be in completed state. So I published an extended site store with ATP as the inventory model. Placed an order. Everything was fine till this moment. But somehow my order was not moving to the completed state. Then I realized that I need to have some scheduled jobs in place in order to move one order state from another. In this post I will explain the complete steps required to change the order’s status to shipped state. These steps worked for me. So I believe these steps works for you too. These steps were performed on WebSphere Commerce 7 Toolkit with Fix pack 1 installed.

1. Place an order. When you add an item to the cart, the order status will be ‘P’ (Pending). Once you complete the check out process, the order status will become ‘M’ (Pending payment approval). When I placed the order, I used the payment system as ‘Simple Punchout’ so that I can approve the payment from Commerce Accelerator.

2. Approve the payment. In order to approve the payment, logon to Commerce Accelerator and select your store. If your user id has the required permissions you will be able to see a Payments menu in commerce accelerator. I always use wcsadmin as my user and I never had a permission issue. To see the payments menu the minimum required roles are Customer Representative, Customer Supervisor, Seller and Sales manager. Under Payments click on ‘List installed Payment Plugins’ submenu. The list of payment plugins installed will be presented to you.

Select the payment plugin for approving the payment. In my case since I used Simple Punchout as the payment mode, I have selected SimplePunchoutPlugin from the list of options. Now click on ‘Find Pending Payments’. This will list all the orders that are pending the authorization. Select the order you want to approve and click on Change. Enter the details required. Select the transaction result as Success and click on Finish. Now if you check the order status, it will still be displayed as ‘Pending payment approval’. Ie, even though we approved the payment, it’s still not reflected in our order status.

3. Order Payment Synchronize. Now to move the approved order to the next state, we need a scheduled job. To schedule a job in WebSphere Commerce version 7 follow the below steps.
3.1. Logon to Administration console.
3.2. Select site from site/store selection window.
3.3. Go to Configuration->Scheduler
3.4. Click on New to create a new scheduled job.
3.5. Schedule a job with the following details.
Job Name: OrderPaymentSynchronize
Interval: 1800
Job Priority: 10
Start Date: Enter today’s date
Start time: 00:00

OrderPaymentSynchronize will take the orders with the status ‘M’ and check if the order has been authorized or not. If the order is authorized it will change the status to ‘C’ (Payment Approved).

Entering the start time as 00:00 will result in running the job immediately. Now the new status will be ‘C’ (Payment Approved).

4. Release the order to fulfillment. We need another scheduled job for releasing the order for fulfillment. Create an Job at store level with the following parameters.
Job Name: ReleaseToFullfillment
Parameter: commandName=ReleaseToFulfillment&storeType_1=B2C&storeType_2=B2B&storeType_3=MHS&storeType_4=RHS&storeType_5=SHS
Interval: 1800
Job Priority: 10
Start Date: Enter today’s date
Start time: 00:00

ReleaseToFullfillment job queries orders in the following states: ‘C’, ‘M’, ‘I’, ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘A’ and if the order is ready to release to fulfillment, it changes the order status to ‘R’.

Now the status of the order will be ‘R’ (Inventory fulfilled).

5. Create a pick batch. To create a pick batch logon to commerce accelerator and go to Logistics -> Pick Batches. This window will display all the pick batches currently present in the system. In our case we need to create a new pick batch. So click on Create button. A pick batch will be created and it will be available in pick batches window.

6. Create a package. Once the pick batch is ready, the item should ship to the buyer. The packaging and shipping happens in the warehouse. To create a package, navigate to Logistics -> ‘Releases Ready to Ship’ menu of Commerce Accelerator. Select the release and click on Packages. It will list the existing packages. To create a new one, click on New button and enter the details. Once the package is created, ship the item to buyer.

7. Confirm shipment. Once the item is shipped to the buyer, we need to confirm that the shipment has been sent. To confirm the shipment, navigate to Logistics -> ‘Releases Ready to Ship’ menu of Commerce Accelerator. Select the shipment you want to confirm and click on ‘Confirm Shipment’. You will get a confirmation message saying that the shipment has been confirmed. Now the status will be changed to ‘S’(shipped).


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6 comments posted onWebSphere Commerce 7 Order Flow process for Elite B2B Starter Store

  1. Interesting to know that you plan to use end to end features in WCS for your implementation.

    Most of the implementations seems to have there own OMS system, so we end with dropping the Orders to them.

  2. Hello Hari, It was just a POC. For our actual implementation we are using SAP in the backend.

  3. Thank u bro…It is very helpfull

  4. Hello Hari,

    A very detailed explanation on the order flow.. Thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this valuable information.

  6. Greate job man!
    I found specially useful the scheduled jobs part.

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