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WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy Tool and Rational Team Concert integration

Posted by | Posted in RTC, WebSphere Commerce | Posted on 28-01-2013

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WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy Tool and Rational Team Concert integration

Recently I came across a scenario where I need to integrate WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy Tool with Rational Team Concert. We are using Rational Team Concert as our SCM tool. RTC has a lot of features where it can be used from project planning to deployment. Since we wanted everything integrated in RTC, we thought of using RTC for our build process too. Creating a build definition in RTC to use the WCBD tool is relatively easy. After integrating WCBD tool with RTC, requesting a build was just one click from within our WCS work space.

Integrating WCS with RTC offers a lot of advantages like continuous integration, one click build and deploy, personal builds, linking work items and source code to a build, comparing two builds etc.

Please follow the below steps if you are planning to integrate RTC with WCBD tool.

1. In order to integrate WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy tool with RTC, we need to have a build definition. The build definition defines the properties of the build. To create the build definition. Open your Team Artifacts perspective in RTC and expand the Project.

Team Artifacts view

2. Now right click on the builds menu and select New Build Definition.

new build definition

3. New Build Definition wizard will be opened. Select ‘Create new build’ from the first screen of this wizard.

4. From the ‘General Information’ screen, enter the name for your build and select command line as your build engine.


5. Click on Next and from the Pre-Build screen, select Jazz Source Control.

Rep Build Tab

6. From post build screen, select whatever applicable to your case.

7. Select the additional properties relevant to your project from the ‘Additional Configuration’ screen.

8. Click on finish.

9. The build definition screen will be opened automatically. In this screen we need to specify the WCBD command we will be using.

10. From the overview tab, select the build engine that are using. Or create a new one if none exist.

11. In ‘Jazz Source Control’ tab, select the workspace you are going to use with the WCBD tool.

12. In ‘Jazz Source Control’ tab, enter the load directory you are planning to use too.

13. In the ‘Command Line’ tab, enter the wcbd build command you are using and save the changes.

14. The typical format of the wcbd command will be like wcbd-ant.bat -v -buildfile wcbd-build.xml -Dbuild.label= -Dbuild.type=

15. After completing all these steps you can initiate the build by right clicking the build definition and selecting ‘request build’.


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