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Intalio open source BPM suite

Posted by | Posted in BPM | Posted on 15-05-2008

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Today I came to know about an open source BPM Suite – Intalio. I downloaded the product and installed it in my machine. I did not get much time to explore the product. However the product looks promising and I really want to learn the product. I am planning to spend my next few days in understanding the basics of the Intalio BPM suite, if my current project goes to UAT this week or early next week.

I am planning for a comparison of Intalio|BPMS with WebSphere Integration Developer. I had gone through one of their flash tutorial and the features of the product. Before getting into this product, I wanted to know what is the language supported by Intalio|BPMS if some custom coding is required. Interestingly I did not find any option for some custom code (may be it is there and I did not notice it) and I could see one blog post claiming zero coding is required. . I am not able to visualize this zero coding concept. Zero coding is really great, but I do believe that we need some coding when we provide customized solutions.

Any ways let me read completely some of their blog posts (I usually read the title and the first paragraph of most of the blogs) and learn the features of the product.

Btw, I read a post by Alex Neihaus about Intalio’s open source code . He is not able to see even a single line of source code in Intalio’s open source BPMS. :-) . Is it really an open source product or a namesake open source product?