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Hosting with rosehosting.com

Posted by | Posted in Personal | Posted on 18-12-2008

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Hosting with rosehosting.com

I have a webhosting account with rosehosting.com where I host my web sites. They charge the hosting fee from my credit card on every month. Recently my credit card got expired and I forgot to update the credit card information when I received new credit card.

Yesterday when I checked my site, it was offline. I contacted rosehosting team. They said that my site is offline because of non payment and they had sent me an email about this issue one week back. I check my mails regularly and I did not see any communications from them. I was hosting with them for two yeas now. I feel I deserve a better treatment on this issue rather than taking my site offline. If they were not getting any response for their e-mail (In fact I did not get that e-mail) they could have give me a call or they could have send me one more reminder email. They even did not send an e-mail after taking my server offline.

I feel so disappointed and unhappy with the behavior of rosehosting.com. So I am planning to change my hosting company. If any of you guys has any suggestions, please share it with me. I need a good, reliable VPS hosting. I don’t want my site to be offline for another 12 hours. Any recommendations are welcome.


Individual Excellence Award

Posted by | Posted in Personal | Posted on 07-08-2008

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Yesterday was a good day for me. I got an Individual Excellence Award for my contributions in WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer. I am so excited and I just want to share my feeling. Awards are always motivating.

Yesterday we had a MR meeting and at the end of it there was an awards distribution. A couple of other peoples also got some spot awards. But I was the only one who got an Individual Excellence Award. The award consists of a shield, a certificate and some money. I do not have my camera with me now to photograph the shield I got.

I was not aware that I was nominated for Individual Excellence Award. When our Domain Lead announced my name I became so happy and excited. It was a great feeling. I am feeling so motivated now.

Thanks to everyone in my team for helping me to get this award. I know with everyone’s help only I got this award. Thanks to all.