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Reverse Engineering Java classes in RSA

Posted by | Posted in RSA | Posted on 03-11-2008

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Reverse Engineering Java classes in RSA

How do we create UML diagrams from Java classes using RSA? Or how do we reverse engineer a java class or project using Rational Software Architect? This was a question came to my mind when I wanted to generate some UML diagrams from Java classes. To generate UML diagrams from Java classes, I tried RAD first as I was working on RAD. I managed to generate class diagrams for individual classes using RAD. But to generate the UML diagrams at Project Level there was no option I could find in RAD. So I moved to RSA for reverse engineering my java classes.

To reverse engineer or create UML class diagrams from Java classes using Rational Software Architect follow the below steps.

1. Create a UML Project. This project is used for creating
To create a new UML project goes to File -> New Project -> Modeling -> UML Project.

2. Right click on the project that you want to reverse engineer and click on New -> Other. Select Transformation Configuration from Transformations folder.

3. Enter a name for the Transformation configuration and select ‘Java to UML’ as the transformation. Click on Next.

4. From the source and target window select your java/web project as the source and UML project as the target.

5. Click on Finish.

6. Now your transformation configuration page will be opened. You can run your configuration either by clicking on Run button of your transformation configuration or by right click on the project and select Transform -> transformation name -> Java to UML option.