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Swing AWT Interview Questions

Here you can find a list of interview questions for Java Swing and AWT. These questions are often asked by the interviewer for JFC (Java foundation Classes) or Swing interview. We put our maximum effort to make this section error free. However there might be some errors. If you feel any answer given for any question is wrong, please, please inform us by clicking on report bug button provided at the bottom of the screen. In this section we are offering interview questions for AWT and Swing technologies. This section covers interview questions for applets also. If you need interview questions for any other Java related technologies , please check the relevant sections.

While attending an interview you may had faced some other interview questions that are not listed in this section. If you would like to share that question with the rest of the world, please use the comment form to submit that question to us. When submitting the question please provide the answers also. We will update our question list with the questions you have provided.

Swing/AWT interview questions – Part 1

Java Swing interview questions – Part 2

Swing interview questions – Part 3

Java Swing interview questions – Part 4


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