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Bulk open comments in WordPress

Bulk open comments in WordPress

Comments are enabled by default in WordPress. However sometimes you might have disabled the commenting in your WordPress blog. After disabling the comment, comments section of your WordPress allways show ‘Comments are closed.’ message. This ‘Comments are closed.’ message is coming from your WordPress theme, most of the time from comments.php file. The file checks the comment status of the post and if the status is closed, it will display a message ‘Comments are closed.’ in your WordPress blog.

Now you may want to enable the commenting on all your posts. So follow the below steps to change the comment status.

1. Enable commenting. To do that go to Settings -> Discussion and make sure that you have ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’ checkbox checked. This will ensure that for all the new posts, the comments will be enabled.

2. Opening the comments for all the existing posts can be done either from your WordPress admin panel or by updating your DB. Execute the following query in your database for opening the comment for all the existing posts.


Change the table name to match with your database table prefix.

Or if you want to open all your comments from the WordPress admin panel, go to Posts -> Posts to display all the posts in your WordPress blog. Select the post/posts you would like to modify. Select ‘Edit’ from ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu and click on Apply button. Now select the value for Comments drop down as ‘Allow’ and click on Update button. This will enable comments for all the posts selected.



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